Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Body Shop Body Butter - Review

Ahhhh this body butter is just so nice omg. You can see that I have the pink grapefruit flavour. It smells the besssttt, it's hard to describe smells but this is a really strong fruit smell. I would say it has a sour smell if that makes sense, but it is still sweet at the same time.

I use this all over my body after showering and it's the best. Sometimes it does absorb straight away which is the best but sometimes it takes really long. I'm not sure why it does both sometimes but it can be really annoying.

I would like to repurchase this but I am no where near to finishing the body butter. I have the big one which is 200mL. I would love to try out the other flavours because I have heard good things about them! 

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