Monday, 5 August 2013

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara - Review

Wow, I have had this mascara for ages! This mascara use to be my mums and now it's mine. We've defiantly had it for over 3 years and it has still been perfect!

I really love this mascara. It is in my top 5. Some people don't like it because of the brush but I think it's the brush that makes it.

The brush is plastic and has no long bristles. The brush actually picks up your eyelashes and drags them to make them look longer. I use to use this for my top eye lashes but now I just use it for my bottoms and works just as well.

I have noticed lately that the mascara has gotten a bit weird so I think it's time I repurchase! 

Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I love trying out new products and seeing what the hype is and how they are like. These are some of the things I have used up.

This is my cucumber peel of mask by Freeman. I honestly love this mostly because peel of masks are so fun. I bought this for $10 at Coles which is cheap and affordable. I've had this for pretty long and I can say that this isn't completely empty but I can't get anymore out! I really do love this product and I have noticed differences. After using this my skin has become so soft and hydrated it just feels like heaven. 

I'm not going to write much here because I have a separate review which you can find a few pages back in my blog. I do have to note that since this is empty, I have purchased a new one and I have found that the formula is really weird and different. The one in the picture above gave my skin and lovely glow and since my skin isn't oily, I really liked it. Now I brought another one and its a different shade it looks very cakey and unnatural and just bad in general. I'm not sure why but I do think the colour has something to do with it. 

I'm also not going to write much here because I have recently done a separate review on this which you can find on my blog. 

Nail polish remover is honestly my saviour. I don't know what I would do it out it since I love to do my nails and try new and interesting designs but sometimes I stuff up. I really love this Sally Hansen remover because it not only strengthens my nails but moisturises them too which is always good in a remover and it actually removes the nail polish unlike some other brands.

I'm also not going to write much on this product because I recently did a review on this. It's amazing! 

I really love this face moisturiser by Bioré. It sinks in my skin so fast which is so good because I hate having the sticky feeling. The moisturiser is so hydrating and makes my skin so soft.

Again, I've done another review on this post that you can find in my blog. 

This was the very first 'liquid' eyeliner I've ever brought and I honesty love it. It was felt tip so it was so easy to use and I feel like repurchasing another one but maybe from a different brand. I usually actually just dip the tip into my liquid eyeliner by Elf.

Oh wow. Again I've done a separate review on this and it should be on my first page because I think it was the second post I ever made? Anyway, I honestly love this lip balm so much it's wasted and I'm going to cry and buy a new one.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Colours Of The Rainbow - Tag

Starting with red, I have my holy grail lip product. It's Lucas Paw Paw Ointment and its honestly just amazing and this is my fourth tube of it and just buy it. If you want to know more about this, I have done a separate review if you scroll down my blog. 

Orange, for orange I have my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. This foundation really does do what it says and it's just perfect for a long day. 

Yellow, I couldn't find anything yellow so I decided to go for gold. It's my NYX Glitter Cream Palette. In shade Bronze Goddess.

Green, I've had this peel off mask by Freeman for ages and I honestly love it so much. It smells like cucumber and its so fun to peel off. Definitely recommend because I have seen a difference in my skin and its really cheap. 

Blue, I recently brought this blue eyeliner by Rimmel in shade Turquoise. I brought it for really cheap and because it gave me a pop of colour that wasn't too big. 

Violet, I have Maybelline Falsies Mascara and its just amazing. Defiantly need to repurchase. 

Last is pink. I have NYX lip butter and its just amazinnggggg. It's in shade Peaches and Cream which is a pinky peach colour and I just love it. The best part is that is honestly smells like peaches and cream and I just feel so tempted to lick my lips.

If you want to know more about each of these products, I should have a review on most of them. If not there will be some coming soon! 


Friday, 26 July 2013

Top 3 Pick Lip Picks!!

These 3 lipsticks would defiantly be my go to pink lips. These lip products are cheap and extremely good quality.

The first pink on the left is NYX round in shade Gem. It's a shimmery bold pink colour that is seriously just fabulous. 

Next, in the middle is Rimmel Kate Moss in shade 16. It's a really pretty light pink with a hint of a lovely peach. 

Last is NYX round again, in shade Blush. It's a cute barbie pink. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

St. Ives Blemish Control Scrub - Review

So I brought this nearly a month ago and I've been using it non stop! Usually I would apply anything to my face once a week but on the back of this, it said for best results apply 3-4 a week... so I followed it. 

Since my skin is pretty normal, but also sensitive, I like to look for a few particular words before I purchase anything to put on my face. The main would be 'Hypoallergenic' which means the product is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Next I like to look for 'Dermatologist tested' which means that the product has been tested to see if it says what it does and doesn't cause irritation or anything like that. This product has both of those and more, which is one of the reasons I brought it.

What is also great is that it is 100% natural extracts. 

This is really easy to use and I highly reccomend it. You just apply by rubbing it into your skin and then washing it off. I like to use a face washer so I can also massage it into my skin. 

I have defiantly seen a change in my skin, I still have the pimple brake out every no and then but I can handle that. I do see that my skin has gotten clearer and looks a lot more fresh. 

In the photo above you can see the formulation of the face wash. You can see that it has little particles that look like sand (it's not) but those little particles are what will exfoliate your face to get the dead skin off and give you a new layer of fresh and clean skin. It also makes my skin so soft.

I use this product Thursday-Saturday and I honestly look forward to those days because I just love using the product. It feels so fresh on the skin and its just the best feeling after a long day.

I would 100% repurchase this, not only because it does work and I have seen a difference in my skin but it is also cheap, which is great for me. It's anywhere from AUD $8-$10. 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Revlon Colourstay Eyeshadow - Review

I tried this palate out the other day, the colours are really nice and they are great for everyday. 
I have some pros and cons about this product and most of them are sadly cons. 

In the photo above you can see the swatches of the eyeshadows, I'm a little disappointed because all the colours other than the brown one are really shimmery and you cant even see them. Since my eyelids sometimes get oily, the shimmers are bad. The colours hardly stay on me all day anyway. 

I tried doing a look with the two pinks and it just came out pretty horrible. The application of the actual eyeshadow was weird, it didn't even come off my brush and go on my eyelid. 

I tried another look with the sandy brown colour and the darker brown but that was pretty similar with the pinks in application wise. 

With the product being called 'Colourstay' I do imagine the colour would stay and apply well but it didnt at all. I am a little disappointed mostly because Revlon products are usually amazing but lately with their Colourstay range some of the products have been bad. 

I dont think I would repurchase this. I would obviously love to buy other brands when I get the money. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

DIY: Homemade Hand Scrub

Here is a quick post on my homemade hand scrub. This scrub is amazing for your hands because it not only exfoliates, moisturises but brightens and brings the live back into your hands.

  • Lemon
  • Salt/sugar
  • Oil
  • Lemon Zest

So, the sugar or salt, whatever you use will act as the exfoliator. It will get the dead skin particles off and that will also make your skin extremely soft.The lemon will brighten your skin and make it look youthful and same with the lemon zest. The oil will hydrate your skin and also make your skin so soft because the oil will skin in and act like a moisturiser.  

Ps. I'm sorry that the video is bad quality and shitty filmed!