Saturday, 6 July 2013

Fav nail polishes

Hey guys, I'm going to show you my 'go to' nail polishes. I've cut it done to my favourite 3!

The pink, I have featured in another post, it's called Temptress by Revlon.

I really love this colour because its a pretty baby/pastel pink, it applies so nicely. I usually use two coats to achieve the colour I get.

The one in the middle is a glitter colour called Scandal, Secrets & Sparkle.

It's just so cute OMG. I only need one coat to achieve the glittery effect. You can put it on its own or even pair it with another colour. If you look at my other posts, this colour is also mentioned with Temptress, where I've put this colour on top of the pink. 

The last colour is a beautiful hot pink, it's called Frutti Petutie by Sally Hansen. 

This colour is seriously so cute, I actually love it. People might say its just a summer/spring colour but I honestly think anyone could make it work in any kind of weather. I apply two coats to achieve the beautiful hot pink. 

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