Thursday, 4 July 2013

Favourite powder....

My favourite powder would be Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Powder Foundation.  

This is what it looks like, it is my favourite because the finish is just amazing, like it says on the back. I don't usually like to use a finishing powder on top of my foundation, mostly because I think it makes me look a little cakey but this is light but not too light... If that makes sense haha. I don't really like having a matte finish, mostly because I don't have oily skin, I guess my skin is just normal. 

The powder does last all day and I usually don't have to retouch, but it does depend on what I am doing and what season it is.

I'm in the shade look 4. Which is perfect for my skin tone. I hardly wear these finishing powders but I would use this everyday, I'm only not because I don't want to waste it! 

It doesn't have SPF which is perfect for the camera. Having SPF in your foundation causes the white pale faces in photos, it only happens when flash is on.

I'm not completely sure how much this is because I got it in a box for my birthday, but I am imagining it would be pretty pricey because Napoleon is a high end brand. But I guess I would repurchase if I do waste it, when I have the money, but it wouldn't be a necessity for me. But it is worth the money. 


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