Monday, 1 July 2013

Most used/new lipstick and lip gloss swatches!

These are swatches of my most used/new lipsticks and glosses. Down below I will have all of the names and a photo of each product. Yes I have realised I need some new colours that arent pink! Hahaha
I'll start with the horizontal colours first and then work my way to the left verticals and then the right verticals! First horizontal one you can’t even see, it’s like a white colour and that’s this one:
Maybelline - pink beam 950 

 Maybelline - pink please 025

 Maybelline - coral desire 951

 NYX rounds - gem 631

 NYX matte - hippie chic 03

 Rimmel - alarm 170

Now, these colours are the left verticals:NYX butter gloss - peaches and  cream 03
Loreal - 707
 And these are the right verticals:Wet n wild megalast - back to the fuchsia 
Rimmel Kate Moss - 16

These are not all of my lipsticks/lipglosses, these are just my most used or new ones. I'm just telling you the colours and brands and I will do a separate review on all of these very soon!

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