Monday, 8 July 2013

Rimmel Blush - Review

I also got this a few months ago and I never got around to using it. It's the Rimmel 3 colour blush. When I use it, I think you have to mix all of the colours together but I don't really like doing that because I seem to get it too dark.

I have the combo 001 Spring Flower.

The colours are really nice colours and are really pigmented. I use the colours separately and apply to my cheeks.

The first colour, which is the light pink is a shimmer, it has some glitter in it and the rest of the colours are matte, but they do have a little bit of sheen to them. 

I think that I would repurchase this, but I don't think I would really need too since I have a lot of blushes haha.

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