Monday, 8 July 2013

Revlon Lip Liner - Review

I received this for free a few months ago and thought I would review it now. I tried it last night and I have mixed reviews about this.

The colour is the nicest thing, I think. I have shade rose which is just a natural pink, like your lips but better. I have found the formula of the liner to be extermerly drying and hard to apply.

The pencil itself looks to be normal, but when you apply, it is really hard to apply. It is not creamy one bit and it actually hurts to apply. It is really hard to take off also.

When applying, I usually fill in my whole lips, not just the outline but I see no difference
 when I do either way. I can't even explain how strange this is. It always feels like it is about to snap Jin half because it can't apply, having no creamy consistency. 

I would defiantly not repurchase this, I found have found the absolute cheapest and pretty much no name brands that have better lip liners, being so creamy and easy to apply, just gliding on. I would surely check out other brands before ever going back to this.

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