Thursday 11 July 2013

NYX Glam Shadow Stick - Review

I really love shadow sticks in general. I think they are just so easy and quick just to put on. 

I have shade Elegant Marble which is just a nice shimmer light brown/bronze, it's a neutral that I knew I would wear and use everyday. It's very creamy so it goes on so easy, I like to use it as both just a normal eyeshadow and a base, so I can intensify the colour even more.

I would rather eyeshadow sticks then powder eyeshadows, I find it ten times quicker, easier and you can always carry it with you where ever you go. Even the colour is better then powders.

I would repurchase this, mostly because it is very cheap. All of the stick eyeshadows I have tried seem the same, some are just a little more creamy and it also depends on the colour you get. I got this off Beautyjoint and I can't remember the price but I believe it was below AUD $5.

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